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Tom Flynn, Shihan is the Director and Head Instructor of the Green Mountain Dojo in central Vermont. He also continues to oversee the Marubashi Dojo of Massachusetts, where the Vermont school's roots first began. Flynn Shihan's karate training began with Judo in 1969 and Kyokushin Karate in 1971. Early teachers included Lee Gity Shihan, Tadashi Nakamura Shihan and Richard Arrighi Sensei. He has also studied with Robert Blaisdell Shihan and the late Dan Duffy Sensei as well as Bobby Lowe Shihan. Flynn has been teaching since 1980. He currently holds the rank of Go-dan; 5th Degree Black Belt, certified through the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan of Tokyo, Japan. He also holds yudansha grades in judo, aikido and kobudo.

In 1992, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama appointed Flynn a United States Branch Chief and personally presented him with his IKO branch chief contract and certificate. Along with this honor comes the responsibility of preserving the standards of the Kyokushin system and the philosophies of Master Sosai Oyama. Flynn Shihan is the senior knockdown karate referee in the US. He has been the chief official at championships throughout the world and has also officiated at several Kyokushin World Championships in Japan.

He has dedicated a lifetime of study to the Japanese cultural and martial arts and is an accomplished practitioner of Shodo; Japanese calligraphy. He now resides in Stowe Vermont with his wife, Toni Flynn, Sensei.


Toni Flynn, Sensei is the Assistant Director and instructor of the Green Mountain Dojo. She began her training in Kyokushin Karate in 1983 in Massachusetts under the late Dan Duffy Sensei and Tom Flynn Shihan (sempai at that time). She has continued to train consistently since 1983 and currently holds the rank of yondan; 4th degree black belt.

Flynn Sensei has traveled extensively throughout the world to teach as well as participate in training events with many notable top instructors such as Bobby Lowe Shihan, Cameron Quinn Shihan, Royama Kancho, Seiji Isobe Shihan and others.

She has had the opportunity to train in Japan, Romania, Belgium, British Columbia, Hawaii, and throughout New England. In addition, she has had the pleasure of training in Japan at honbu as well as at Mt. Mitsumine (being one of only three women among 70 men to participate in winter camp).


Flynn Sensei is a certified Kyokushin tournament official and an instructor of the “Street Smarts” Women’s Self-Defense Course and Kids Safety Awareness and Self-Defense Workshops.

She is also a Second Degree Usui Reiki practitioner and the author of “Budo Brain - Kyokushin Karate Activity Book and Study Guide”.


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