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Classes are taught in a structured and disciplined environment. Emphasis is placed on effort and on coaching students toward an attitude of perseverance. This helps students to constantly challenge and overcome their self-imposed limitations. This practice aids students in dealing more effectively with everyday difficulties.

GMD utilizes a structured training syllabus
which allows gradual development of strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination. The training syllabus, available to all students, lists each rank and the specific requirements needed to obtain each level.

Traditional rules of etiquette and procedures; "reigi" are observed in the dojo to ensure safe and smooth operation, as well as to honor and uphold longstanding traditions. All training commands, names of techniques, etc. are taught in Japanese. Children especially, enjoy learning Japanese and consequently, grasp it very quickly.

The class curriculum is based on the student syllabus and includes plenty of physical exercises, karate technique, kata (forms), self-defense, and some conditioning and weapons training after some experience is attained.

Ranking System
Kyokushin utilizes a ten belt student or kyu ranking system prior to obtaining first dan or shodan - first degree black belt. The kyu ranks consist of five solid colored belts with a stripe in between each solid belt rank. Promotions for all levels including stripe and solid belt ranks are awarded after the student has satisfactorily passed a formal test. Promotion tests are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Competition in tournaments is optional for all students. Our focus is on self-improvement and overcoming personal challenges; not on tournament competitions. GMD participates only in open traditional tournaments (no point sparring systems). Students may participate in kata (forms) or sparring, or both, if they choose. Students should seek permission to participate in any tournament competitions prior to registering.

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