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Green Mountain Dojo’s Kyokushin Karate & Japanese Cultural Arts Program began in the Boston area in the early 1980’s and has continued to bring families together in a healthy, fun, educational and safe environment for more than 30 years. We relocated in 2004 to the beautiful green mountains of northern central Vermont and now offer classes in Waterbury, Vermont.


The Green Mountain Dojo stands firm in its commitment to teach students more than just karate technique. GMD utilizes traditional teaching methods and a holistic approach to address each student's overall health; both mind and body. Training benefits in a traditional environment encompass much more than the obvious physical achievements.

Through training, students learn respect for self and others, self-discipline, and the importance of attention to detail. This, in turn, greatly increases the ability to focus and translates to improved performance in school, work and other activities. In addition, students improve their self-confidence through their physical accomplishments, thus elevating their self-esteem.

Consistent training helps students to develop the tools and attitude necessary to transcend everyday adversities and move past self-imposed limitations.The process of training in a traditional dojo helps students to deal more appropriately and effectively with personal challenges and to bring about more balance and harmony in their lives.

GMD firmly believes that karate training should help students to bring about positive changes in every area of their lives.

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